The norwegian singer/songwriter, Bård Christiansen,  was introduced to music as a young child by his parents and eventually joined the school band, playing the drums, at an early age.


At age 13, he joined his first band, Brainless, in the role as lead singer and songwriter. Years later he was one of the founding members of The Carburetors, known all over Europe for their fast forward and fabulous rock`n roll shows.


Bård has developed a unique sound which comes from inspirational sources like country, americana, countryrock and rock and roll. Artists like Steve Earle, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Gram Parsons, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones are among the artists represent major influence and music lovers will reckognize this without much difficulty.


Bård reached the first place in NRK`s Urørtlist in Norway with his song “You will fit” in 2012 and for the second time with “I’ll never let you go” the same year. He has been listed on radio in Norway, Mexico, Ireland, Germany and has been on several tours in Germany.

He has also cooperated with artists like Jason Ringenberg from Jason & The Scorchers and did the warm up for Blackberry Smoke when they visited the concert venue Rockefeller in Oslo.


In 2018, Bård signed a record deal with one of Norways largest indie labels, MTG Music, and his solo debut album “Hard Working Man” was released in August the same year.


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